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Our Story.


Glenn Armstrong, along with his wife Sharon Armstrong, started an Agency business back in 1989, in his own home, and called it Armstrong Agencies. He represented many well known brands in the Australian community throughout Queensland over the next 11 years and gained a reputation for being hard working, reliable, honest and loyal.


In 2000, David Emanuel the director of David Emanuel Enterprises, one of the many long running Agencies Glenn represented at the time, had decided to retire and asked Glenn and Sharon if they would like to purchase the business, and they did. With this change they re-branded to Armstrong Agencies T/As Armstrong Imports. Now they were a Wholesaler/Importer while still also running as an Agency throughout Queensland representing other Wholesaler/Importers.

Armstrong Imports - Colour Letterhead -

- Re-branded logo - 2000 -

2010-present day

By 2010, the focus shifted solely to our Wholesale/Importing business and the agency was left behind, now concentrating on our own brands. This has proved highly successful going forward. Glenn's goal is to share his knowledge, grow his company and assist the retailers he sells to, to a successful level. Knowing that his quality products sell very well off the shelf.


- Re-branded logo - 2010 -

So with over 30 years experience in the industry, Glenn has grown a family business with his wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry, he has earned a great reputation that precedes him and he can absolutely be proud.

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